Mountain state Trail Alliance

Building a world class trail network connecting communities

Counties: Nicholas / Fayette / Greenbrier / Raleigh / Summers / Kanawha / Webster


While the rugged grandeur of the West Virginia has already done much to create world famous recreational opportunities such as rock climbing, whitewater sports, cycling, hiking, off-road motorsports, hunting, fishing and historical tourism; many of these opportunities exist in isolation from one another and from the communities they serve.

The Mountain State Trail Alliance is working to link the recreational opportunities, people and businesses together through one regional trails system. These community connections will support building a healthier community and more robust economy


Building a world class trail network connecting communities.


To build and maintain a regional trail network.

The Mountain State Trail Alliance (MSTA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the health and well-being of the area by building and maintaining a regional trail system, and increasing economic development through tourism.

A regional trail system will increase economic development by:

  • Connecting communities through alternative modes of transportation
  • Attracting visitors and helping them understand the value of the region
  • Helping build local business
  • Promoting active and healthy lifestyles

To accomplish this we will:

  • Identify, maintain and expand an interconnecting trail system
  • Encourage collaboration between land managers and trail users
  • Coordinate monetary, informational and physical resources to plan, develop and maintain this trail system
  • Review and assist in the application and implementation of grants
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