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SBR Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a good trail map?

Large maps are posted at the parking area, Low Gear trailhead and Action Point trailhead. 
Other map options: 

Where do I get my membership card?

If you are a member of MSTA, you can find your membership card at your account profile and print it as needed.

Membership Card

Where do I sign the waiver?

You need to sign a new waiver each year. You can sign one at the gate your first time in or download one here and fill it out before you arrive.


Can I bring Fiddo?

We all love furry friends, but only service dogs allowed on site.

What about my post-ride beverages?

Mountain biking and beer go together like well, mountain biking and beer. However, this is still a Boy Scout Camp, so please leave your alcoholic beverages at home along with any illegal drugs and dangerous weapons.

Can I bring my cousin, Fillmore?

Everyone coming out needs to be a member. It’s easy and affordable to join.


When can we go?

Trails will generally be open whenever there are not conflicting programs being held at the SBR and weather allows the trails to be in ride-able condition. Please follow all trail signs.


Is this only open to mountain bikers?

Yes. We've had a lot of people ask about opening this partnership up to hikers and skaters, but for now we've only made an agreement about the mountain bike trails.

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